Ahmad Dhani becomes very emotional after listening to Jerinx’s controversial opinion

Ahmad Dhani through his Youtube Channel uploaded a video that contained resistance to the controversial opinion of Jerinx SID. The band leader Dewa 19 was carried away with emotion about Jerinx who called religion a conspiracy.

Jerinx, this SID Band personnel indeed often invite controversy through his upload on social media. Before this, the 43-year-old man had attracted public attention that triggered the pros and cons of the coronavirus.

According to Jerinx, Covid-19 is part of the Global Conspiracy. Not quite up there, Nora Alexandra’s husband again made a scene by revealing that Religion is part of a world conspiracy. Obviously, this upload has offended many people.

Ahmad Dhani is one of them, despite agreeing about the co-19 conspiracy, Mulan Jameela’s husband still does not accept the latest opinion of Jerinx. He even claimed to be furious when he heard that opinion.

“Frankly, if it does not concern religion, I myself am a person who believes that COVID-19 is part of a world conspiracy.”

“But when someone calls religion a conspiracy, well, this is quite annoying, enough to make hot blood, because I’m still a young friend, so naturally I still have hot blood,” he said.

Ahmad Dhani asserted that Religion was one of the foundations of the establishment of the Indonesian State. Many of the founding figures of this country are also religious leaders. In fact, the first precept of Pancasila as the basis of the state is the Almighty God.

“Because for me number one, religion should not be played with. In my religion, Islam is a religion not to be played with. So religion is something very serious, and therefore the founders of our nation put the first precepts on the one and only God. ”

“Why not number five? Because religion is indeed something sacred. Because the founder of this republic is almost mostly Muslim and most of the scholars. So don’t try to play with religion, “he said.

So far, Jerinx himself hasn’t commented on Ahmad Dhani’s response. What is clear, there are many other figures who also responded to Jerinx’s opinion.

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