Alex Marquez upset no longer become Marc Marquez’s partner next season

Alex Marquez is confirmed to no longer be part of the Repsol Honda Team in the upcoming 2021 season. The person concerned admitted that he was sad, especially considering the fact that he had very briefly experienced a tandem experience with his brother, Marc Marquez.

As is known, Alex Marquez did make his MotoGP debut with the Repsol Honda Team in the 2020 season yesterday. He should have spent his first season with his brother, Marc Marquez.

But the reality is quite contrasting, Marc Marquez did not even play in the MotoGP 2020 event because of the humeral fracture he suffered in the first series at Jerez.

As a result, Alex Marquez could not learn much from the experience of meeting his older brother who is an eight-time world champion.

This makes Alex quite sad, especially considering the fact that next season he will no longer defend the Repsol Honda team, but the LCR Honda Team.

“This season has not only been tough for Marc, but also tough for me. I prepared myself for a completely different situation at the start of the year.”

“At first I wanted to have fun with Marc, defend the same team, and learn from him because he is the best rider,” said Alex via Corsedimoto.

Meanwhile, the condition of Marc Marquez actually had improved and several times it was predicted that he would participate in the race, but what happened was the opposite.

The rider’s injury condition was so severe that he had to go up to the operating table again due to a broken plate that was attached to his arm.

However, the 27-year-old rider’s condition is slowly starting to improve, now he is undergoing a recovery process, fully focused on being able to participate in the upcoming MotoGP 2021 event.

Alex feels confident that his brother can recover in time and next season will be able to perform at his best.

“Marc continues to train hard at home in order to recover quickly. I’m sure he will come back stronger, although of course the situation will not always be easy,” he concluded.

Alex Marquez himself had performed poorly at the start of this season, but slowly he was able to appear consistent and even won two podiums each at the Le Mans and Aragon circuits.

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