Alex Rins claims still upset with Marc Marquez

Suzuki Elcstar racer Alex Rins admitted that he had forgiven Marc Marquez for the incident that occurred last season. But forgiving does not mean forgetting, this Spanish rider looks still upset when remembering the moment.

Alex Rins underwent his best season in the MotoGP Series in the 2019 campaign yesterday, no doubt. The Spaniard won two wins, also including the victory which took place at Silverstone Circuit, England.

The 24-year-old rider considers victory at Silverstone to give a different satisfaction, he managed to beat Marc Marquez. At that time, Alex was successful in overtaking the eight-time world champion at the last corner by doing sharp maneuvers.

So it’s only natural that Rins, who really looked very vindictive with the attitude of the Repsol Honda Team Rider, was very satisfied with the victory at Silverstone.

“Marc is a rival that must be defeated. Our rivalry is very fierce.

I have fought several times with him, and obviously I get angry every time he wins or finishes in front of me. I want to defeat him, but he certainly will too. I remember very well when I won at Silverstone, he was very angry, “said Rins.

For Alex Rins, the figure of Marc Marquez is indeed so good at intimidating mentally from his opponents. One of the moments he remembers was a shocking incident in Brno, Czech, last year. According to him, Marc Marquez showed no respect for him at the time.

Indeed, Marquez has apologized, but that does not mean that Alex Rins has simply forgotten the incident in the Czech Republic.

“Marc is very good in mental warfare, he plays with many riders. For example, Brno last year. I had a quick lap, and he saw me. He opened the room but not too wide. I drove in the dry line and we touched,”

“As a result of the rubbing, my lap was messed up, but I was still determined. In the end, at the last chicane in Brno, before turning left, he overtook me so close and made us almost fall, then he instead entered the pit, “he said.

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