All MU players want to lift the championship trophy at the end of this season

Manchester United’s full-back mainstay, Luke Shaw insists that every Red Devils player has the same determination to lift the championship trophy at the end of this season. Although the Premier League standings getting farther away, Shaw believes there are still opportunities in other competitions, including in the European Champions League event, even though they started a campaign with unsatisfactory results.

As is known, Manchester United is indeed one of the Premier league giants who have not won a prestigious trophy for a long time, lastly they won the English Premier League title in the era of Sir Alex Ferguson, precisely in 2013 ago. After that, the Red Devils could never compete with other teams to win the Premier League title.

This season, even though it is under the direction of a great manager, Jose Mourinho, the fact is Manchester United are also still doubtful about being able to compete in the league championship. A goalless draw against Crystal Palace made the Red Devils further away from the top of the standings. But, they still have a chance in the European Champions League, only needing to win the last two games to secure a ticket to the round of 16.

Related to this, MU’s defender, Luke Shaw insists that his team will fight as much as possible in each competition to keep the Champion’s hopes, because all players want to lift the trophy at the end of this season.

“I think all of us in the dressing room are fighters and all want the best for the club and team. We are all very close friends here, so we have to encourage each other. We all want the same and that is to win the trophy and to have success here at Manchester United, ” said Shaw at the press conference session.

Furthermore, Shaw admitted that it was difficult to explain the reason behind the failure of his team to win a victory against Crystal Palace.

“It’s very difficult to describe what happened. Of course this is really frustrating to see, especially when I was punished last weekend, but we all know that we are better than that. We have worked hard this week.”

“We always work hard, we always want the best from each other, we always encourage others as a team. But it’s easy for me to say that we have to do this, do it. We have to show it in the field, starting tomorrow, “he said firmly.

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