Allegri: Reasons behind Juventus’ defeat of Atletico

The person most responsible for Juventus‘ defeat of Atletico Madrid was Massimiliano Allegri. This defeat could not provide a big space for Allegri to make excuses. It is clear that Cristiano Ronaldo CS surrendered with a score of 2-0.

Coming to the favorite status of champions, Juventus travel to Wanda Metropolitano in the Champions League last 16 of the Champions League first leg. Atletico’s two goals were born in the final minutes and in the same way.

Two goals were scored by their two central defenders, Jose Gimenez and Diego Godin through a set-piece process, chaos in front of goal, and goals, which was the way Atletico broke down the Bianconeri’s goal. Referring to the two-goal case, as if Diego Simeone’s team had understood Juve’s weaknesses.

Allegri was unable to say much, and only admitted his team played poorly, especially in the second half. The first half ended with a score of glasses, and Juve started the second half very aggressively. The defeat in the eyes of Allegri was a failure to adapt in the match.

Allegri actually understood the Atletico game, where they had a solid defense, played aggressively and made the opposing team frustrated. But unfortunately, even though he understood well the game of the opponent, Juve did not necessarily find a way to respond to the opponent’s reaction with a goal.

“We couldn’t do more and it was very bad to be able to start in the second half. We already know Atletico won’t let you play well, but we can’t adapt to their play and they punish us, “Allegri opened.

“The game in Turin won’t be easy, we have to give a great game but I still have confidence. This is a defeat that is difficult to accept, because we are quite capable of defeating them, “concluded Allegri.

On the other hand, the stronghold of Atletico through Diego Simeone looks successful with the results of this first leg, Simeone believes the second leg in Turin will run difficult. He realized that Atletico would be under great pressure, for that his team had to play better than yesterday’s 1st leg.

“We know what will happen to Turin, we will not go through the match easily. I am sure we must get used to suffering. I can’t see another way to do it,” said Simeone.

Interesting to look forward to the next leg of the last 16 of the Champions League, Juventus vs Atletico Madrid will play at Allianz Stadium, Turin. In the meantime, Juve are more favored to win because they have experienced players and of course the figure of Cristiano Ronaldo is awaited greatness in determining the final result.

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