Alvarez sacked after sleeping with player’s wife

The upbeat news of the football world was back, but not from the sad news, but news was concerned with the attitude shown by Paraguayan club coach, Leonel Alvarez who was fired after sleeping with the player’s wife.

For this incident, the 53-year-old coach must accept the reality with the decision of the Libertad de Paraguay club, which fired him as a coach. Although Alvarez’s achievements were good enough to bring Libertad to the final of the Copa Libertadores, but this decision could not be contested.

“The club must take a firm stance for forcing Alvarez and staff to fire. He has several responsibilities, one of which is maintaining professional relationships with players. We feel he did not fulfill this, “said an official statement from Libertad’s lawyer, Gerardo Acosta.

“We came for training but were banned from entering. We were surprised because at least we were allowed to take personal belongings, “said Ruben Dario Bedoya as Alvarez’s assistant.

Alvarez was proven to have a forbidden relationship with the figure of a sexy woman named Patty Gonzalez, who was the wife of the Libertad midfielder, Edgar Benitez. Although, they both did not acknowledge the relationship, but there was a lot of evidence that they were guilty and had to accept the applicable sentence.

“I guarantee the news is not true. I hope the club clarifies the situation and all those who are spread are lies, I think there are parties who want to think of me here. “Alvarez said.

From the disclosure of this case, it turned out that Alvarez was not the only one who carried out the prohibited relationship. Where there is another figure who got caught up in this scandal, where the Libertad striker, Tacuara Cardozo was reported to have also had sex with Alvarez’s girlfriend, Johanna Garcia.

If you dissect more deeply, of course Alverez will benefit. Where the woman is still young, it is known that Patty is 20 years younger than him and has started this “forbidden relationship” since 2012, they even having a daughter!

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