Alvaro Morata Akui Sangat Frustrasi Saat di Chelsea

Alvaro Morata admits he was very frustrated at Chelsea

Spain striker Alvaro Morata is still looming over the difficult period he experienced when he was at Chelsea. Even the frustration he felt was so deep that he had to consult a psychologist.

As is known, Alvaro Morata, who is a former Real Madrid player, has defended a number of clubs in his career, including Chelsea.

Morata joined the Blues in the summer of 2017, of course the hopes for the former Real Madrid star are quite high, considering that he has scored quite a number of goals in previous teams.

As a result, the player immediately felt great pressure from the first time he arrived at Stamford Bridge, but instead of answering the pressure, Morata actually struggled in his first season, scoring too few goals.

As a result, the pressure that Morata felt was increasing, the fans even the English football pandit began to criticize the Spanish striker.

This situation made Morata feel very frustrated and even almost depressed because of it.

“I’ve never been depressed before, I hope I never will, but I really came close,”

“I’m not sure this is as important as it should be. When your head isn’t working properly, you’ll be your own worst enemy.” said Morata to El Mundo via Goal.

This situation made Morata see a psychologist to avoid depression, it did make his mental condition better, which then made his performance much better in the second season.

However, Morata admitted that he should have seen a psychologist sooner, to recover his mental state.

“In those days, it didn’t matter what you did, you were always fighting yourself. Depression is a disease, just like when you break your ankle,” Morata continued.

“Just like practicing in the gym, practicing developing techniques or tactics, I believe the mind also needs to be trained. You have to be ready and it [psychologist’s help] will help you a lot,” he concluded.

After two years of defending Chelsea, Alvaro Morata immediately moved to Atletico Madrid, it’s just that he is currently on loan at Juventus.

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