Amanda Manopo spoke up after being called ‘Cabe-Cabean’ by Nikita Mirzani

Because she was busy dating her new lover, Amanda Manopo, Billy Syahputra was compared as ‘beans forget their skin’ by Nikita Mirzani.

In fact, ex-wife of Dipo Latief seemed upset with the younger sibling Alm. Olga Syahputra.

Not only that, Nikita Mirzani also quipped Billy who was dating Amanda Manopo, the woman she dubbed as ‘cabe-cabean’. Hearing insinuations from the 34-year-old woman, what was Amanda Manopo’s comment?

The 20-year-old woman claimed no problem with the assessment of Nikita Mirzani, after all, she was not the mother of Billy Syahputra.

In fact, Amanda said that it was natural as a friend, Nikita Mirzani reminded Billy related to his busy schedule.

“Is she (Nikita) the mother of (Billy)? You mean mother, isn’t she? But her name is that friends might remind each other which is the best. It’s normal,” Amanda said when met in the Tendean region, South Jakarta.

According to Amanda Manopo, Nikita just didn’t know her directly, so she hopes to have a direct conversation with the person concerned so that she can judge for herself.

“If I have time and God allowed to meet, maybe we can share with each other,”

“We can get to know each other personally, so maybe from there she can judge how my character is like,” she said again.

In a separate interview, Nikita Mirzani again spoke about this. She claimed there was no problem with Amanda Manopo, but Billy’s attitude which tends to forget his best friend after dating the woman made Nikita upset.

Because, all this time Billy often came to Nikita when there was a problem that happened to him.

“Not because I don’t like her, whoever I am is up to you anyway, Billy isn’t my sibling. Only when it’s hard for me to come to me,”

“How much money do I love? He always asks me to give it. Yes, my own value, I don’t care, Billy wants to date A, the B, the C, and the cabe-cabean, it’s up to you. But, when the relationship breaks, don’t ever look for me, can you?” said Nikita Mirzani at the Jakarta Metropolitan Police.

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