Amazing health benefits of pandan leaves for our health

Pandan leaves have been known as a natural food coloring and fragrance. It is true, pandan leaves can be a green coloring in food and are usually used in several types of wet snacks.

In addition, the fragrance of pandan leaves is also often used as a food and beverage fragrance, from tea to coffee.

In fact, the benefits of Pandan leaves themselves are not only as a natural food coloring and fragrance, but can also bring benefits to the health of the body. The following include:

1. Maintaining Eye Health

According to research, Pandan leaves are rich in vitamin A, which means they are very beneficial for eye health. In addition, the content of beta carotene, vitamin C and Thiamin in pandan leaves can also make eyes healthier.

2. Relieving Joint Pain Symptoms

Pandan leaves can be processed into essential oils, and in the pandan leaf extract oil there is a high enough phytochemical content. Well, the fact is that phytochemicals are known as one of the natural remedies to relieve symptoms of joint pain.

3. Prevent Heart Disease

Studies support the claim that pandan leaves are good for the heart. Pandan leaves turn out to be an excellent source of carotenoids. It is known to reduce the risk of developing atherosclerosis, narrowing of the heart arteries due to plaque buildup.

4. Maintain Healthy Skin

Many Southeast Asian people use Pandan leaves as medicine for minor burns to other wound medicines. Indeed, further research is still needed regarding the properties of this one.

However, Pandan leaves are known to contain high Tannic Acid, which can treat minor burns.

5. Controlling Blood Sugar

Consuming pandanus can help people better control their blood sugar after eating.

More research is needed on that, but some early research shows that people who drink pandan tea after a meal have lower blood sugar than those who don’t.

Those are the 5 Benefits of Pandan Leaves for body health, although some further research is still needed, but at least Pandan Leaves are indeed rich in benefits.

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