Andre Iguodala reveals plan to retire from basketball

Lately many former basketball players have tried their luck by becoming basketball team coaches. So, will Miami Heat basketball player Andrea Iguodala take a similar step?

The former Golden State Warior player can be said to be at the end of his career as a professional basketball player. Understandably, he is no longer young, 36 years old.

In its history, it is very rare for a basketball player to continue a career until the age of 40. Most have chosen to retire at the age of 37 or 38.

This means that Andre Iguodala can retire in two years, in fact, maybe this 2020 season campaign will be his last campaign as a professional basketball player.

So, what is Iguodala’s plan after deciding to retire from the basketball court?

If usually many plan to continue their career as coaches, Iguodala is not even interested in doing the same thing. It’s because of his family, he wants to spend more time with his wife and children.

If he continued his career as a basketball team coach, Iguodala would not believe he would have much free time for his family.

“No, no, I don’t want to train after I retire. I do not rule out the possibility, the opportunity exists but I doubt I can go through that career. ”

“I have a family and children who need my presence in person. I left them for a long time while actively playing. Now is the time for me to be close to my family, ”said Iguodala.

However, the person concerned does not necessarily close the opportunity to remain involved in this sport by holding other positions.

“There are obviously many opportunities and new jobs waiting for me. I will also carefully consider which new career is best for me in the future. ”

“I will make the final decision when I am determined with my considerations,” said the player with this small forward position.

Andre Iguodala himself has performed quite well this season. He contributed to the Miami Heat’s success in winning the Western Conference Final against the Boston Celtics.

With that victory, the Miami Heat stepped into the 2020 NBA finals against the LA Lakers.

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