Andre Schurrle Joins Fulham

Football fans are quite surprised by the completion of the transfer of German National Team midfielder, Andre Schurrle to one of the promotion teams in the upcoming 2018/19 Premier League season, Fulham. However, the former Chelsea player himself has a reason why he chose to join Fulham.

As we known, Andre Schurrle recently joined Borussia Dortmund in the 2016 summer transfer market from Wolfsburg. But in the last two seasons, the 27-year-old midfielder has rarely relied on Die Borussen, so leaving may be the best option for Schurrle if he wants to get more playing minutes.

After many of Europe’s mid-board teams have been linked with the former Chelsea, they are actually joining the team that will undergo promotion in the upcoming 2018/19 Premier League season, Fulham. Yes, Schurrle officially joined Fulham, passing loan status for the next season.

To be honest, this transfer is quite surprising considering Fulham themselves are not a midfield team, because in fact they will undergo a promotion period in the Premier League next season. No wonder many parties claim to be shocked at the realization of this transfer. But in fact, Schurrle himself has a reason behind the decision.

It was said by the former Chelsea player that he chose to return to England and defend Fulham because he wanted to live more calm and peace with his family.

“I want a change in status by leaving Germany. I want to be more peaceful and calm, for myself, especially for families, “Schurrle said, as quoted by the German Goal.

Because of being neglected at Borussia Dortmund for the past two seasons, Schurrle practically did not get the chance to play for the German National team. Related to this, the concerned claimed to be working harder to be able to penetrate the Panzer der squad again.

“I have to work hard first for myself. Then bring back my best performance and everything will come by itself, “he explained wisely.

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