Andrea Dovizioso has not prepared future plans

Along with the loud voice that sounded Ducati related plans to recruit young riders, the future of Andrea Dovizioso is now a question mark. The Italian racer himself claimed not to have any plans.

Dovizioso is already 34 years old, and when referring to the Ducati plan, the rider should no longer be their long-term plan. In fact, over the past three years he has proven capable of appearing strong with three successive runners-up champions, Marc Marquez.

Ducati itself repeatedly stressed their plans to recruit young riders. There was an attempt to recruit Marc Marquez, Fabio Quartararo to Maverick Vinales. But none of these targets were successfully obtained.

Nevertheless, Ducati is believed to be back trying to get the services of young riders in the upcoming 2021 season. No wonder then that Dovizioso’s future will begin to become a puzzle. About this matter, the rider himself claimed that the continuation of his career would be determined by many factors.

The first factor is a matter of performance in the campaign this season, then bids coming from other manufacturers, and the last factor is the Corona Virus outbreak that never subsides.

“As a result of this pandemic, people will look at the situation differently. But at the moment I am not 100% sure whether I will continue or just the opposite. In addition, it will depend on many things: at the point of my career now, whether I continue or not will depend heavily on results, ”

“I have been racing for years, the last few years with Ducati. We achieved good results together over the past three seasons. But it all depends on the development of the situation, whatever offers are available, said Dovizioso.

The first five races of the 2020 season were finally postponed due to the Corona Virus Pandemic. The delay was none other than to prevent or suppress the spread of this epidemic which is very massive in various countries, including Italy, Spain and the United States.

Aside from Andrea Dovizioso, Valentino Rossi’s future is also a question. Next season, the 41-year-old Rider is certainly no longer a part of Yamaha’s Monster Energy Team.

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