Andrea Pirlo is similar to Zidane, a sign of success coach?

One of the former Juventus players, Paolo Montero considers Andrea Pirlo as the Bianconneri’s new manager to be a quiet and charismatic figure like Real Madrid coach, Zinedine Zidane.

When he was still actively playing, this Italian legend was known as a genius, and he also didn’t talk much in front of the camera. In other words, Pirlo proves his capacity by ‘talking’ on the pitch.

With his ability to adjust the rhythm of the match and the accuracy of the pass, Pirlo is said to be one of the best players in a position who doesn’t rely on a lot of energy while playing on the field.

After retiring from football in 2018, Pirlo then entered the managerial world. This year he was appointed as Juventus coach to replace Maurizio Sarri.

That said, the Bianconneri’s move to appoint Pirlo is quite courageous, considering that the 41-year-old has no coaching experience. Not surprisingly, many parties were surprised by the appointment, including Paolo Montero himself.

“As a fan, it was unexpected. Pirlo is loved by all of Italy, he is very intelligent and I was lucky enough to know him. He is a very quiet person, who doesn’t say much, but has a lot of charisma,” Montero told Sky Sport Italia.

But apart from that, Montero sees Pirlo as a man who doesn’t talk much, has charisma and is respected by other players. The same can be seen from the successful coach of Real Madrid, Zinedine Zidane.

“If we want to make comparisons with Zidane at Real Madrid, then he is assistant manager for Carlo Ancelotti first, so it’s a different path for Pirlo.”

“Even so, Pirlo has the same charisma as Zidane, they are both men who don’t really need to talk much. There are many great players and squad leaders who respect Pirlo and will listen to him, “said Montero.

Zidane is indeed Montero’s former colleague in Juventus uniform, both of whom joined in 1996. The difference is, Zidane first left Turin to join Real Madrid in 2001.

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