Another side of Mohamed Salah’s hijab wife

Mohamed Salah deserves Liverpool star status. After becoming the top scorer of the English Premier League last season, Salah is now proving himself the best by appearing as Liverpool’s top scorer in the 2018/19 season with Sadio Mane.

Although in the end, the title of the top scorer of the English Premier League this season fell to Arsenal striker, Pierre Emerick Aubameyan. But still the name of Salah cannot be replaced in the sharpness of the Reds.

At present the name Salah is one of the favorites that can lead Liverpool to become Champions League winner. Proof he had done so that his team beat Barcelona and other strong teams in the preliminary round.

In the final, Liverpool will face Tottenham Hotspur on 1 June 2019 at Wanda Metropolitano, Madrid. Despite getting a lot of attention, in fact, not many people know about Salah’s personal life with his little family.

The latest public got a little glimpse of how the other side of the Salah family. When the last match of the Premier League this season between Liverpool vs. Wolverhampton at Anfield, Salah’s wife and her son came to the field to join in celebrating the success of Liverpool’s tight competition this season.

The number of photos circulating, clearly seen Salah’s wife when she was wearing a purple hijab with a purple stripe shirt and dominated by white. Salah’s wife has a nickname, Magi. This couple were officially married in 2013 in Salah’s hometown, Nagrid, Egypt.

Salah and Magi lock tight about their personal life. However, through her locked Instagram profile, Magi is known to work as a biotechnology expert.

It was further revealed that Magi turned out to be a long-time friend with Salah, they were known each other during school time, while in Basion, Gharbia. Magi’s togetherness with Salah seems to give happiness to Liverpool fans.

With the gift of one child named Makka, Salah and Magi always smile happily from the many questions about their personal life. Fans immediately cheered with the action of Makka processing the round skin after the match against Wolverhampton.

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