Anthony Martial is not worthy of Manchester United’s new contract

One of England’s former National Team coaches, Sam Allardyce also spoke about the situation of the French striker, Anthony Martial at Old Trafford at this time. According to him, the former AS Monaco player has not been able to maintain his consistency for 4 years defending the Red Devils and considers that this player is not worthy of getting a new contract from the club.

Anthony Martial joined Manchester United in the 2015 summer transfer market, where he was one of the managers of Louis Van Gaal. In his first season, he often won the trust of the Dutch manager, but when the coach’s seat was taken over by Jose Mourinho, Martial had difficulty penetrating the first team.

The arrival of Romelu Lukaku and Alexis Sanchez further reduced the opportunity for the French player to penetrate Manchester United’s main squad. No wonder, if in the summer transfer window this year, Martial is often associated with the issue of leaving. But, in the end, the concerned remained at Old Trafford.

Even so, Martial is believed to not have a new contract from Manchester United. In fact, team’s coach, Sam Allardyce said he would be very surprised if finally the Red Devils offered a new contract to the former AS Monaco, because according to him Martial was inconsistent for 4 years defending Manchester United.

“I was very surprised if Manchester United gave it a 5-year contract. This kid has been playing for Manchester United for 4 seasons and I don’t think anyone will say that he played consistently for the past four years. We have seen his best ability but now he has to show it in a regular period.”

“He must start working hard to be in his best condition rather than playing inconsistently like this. He has been dealt with by two managers and both feel the difficulty of playing him to play regularly on the Manchester United first team. That should have talked a lot about everything,” told Allardyce to Talk Sports.

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