Antonio Conte denied rumors he seldom give Alexis Sanchez more playing hours

Former Juventus coach Antonio Conte flatly denied the accusations that claimed he ignored Alexis Sanchez in his current team, Inter Milan.

The Chilean National Team player indeed joined the Serie A club in the summer transfer market last year. Inter Milan and Manchester United agreed to loan Sanchez for the next season.

Expected to look brilliant, Sanchez’s debut season at Inter Milan did not go smoothly, the player is difficult to develop. Not without reason, since joining Sanchez is rarely involved in the Inter Milan squad.

It is Antonio Conte who is said to be ignoring the former Barcelona star. But this accusation was denied by the coach.

“Give Alexis Sanchez more hours to play? What do you mean [media] by giving Sanchez more hours to play, “Conte firmly told DAZN.

Indeed, Sanchez rarely had the chance to appear, but that was not because he deliberately parked the winger, but because the Chilean player had suffered an injury.

The injury forced Sanchez to be sidelined for a long time, and when he recovered, of course it took time to get back to his best.

“I think so far he has played in all the matches he can play. The problem is we can’t play it because of an injury, so I’m laughing at the nonsense you mentioned.” He said.

Fortunately, since the league started rolling again, Alexis Sanchez seemed to have gotten his best performance again. Antonio Conte was satisfied with this, because after all the winger presents additional quality for his troops.

“We have brought in Alexis Sanchez to bring extra quality to this team. He is not the same player as I have seen in England, but he is on the right track. ”

“He entered the match against Parma with the right attitude and I saw him working very hard today,” he said.

In his latest match, Inter Milan won a landslide victory with a final score of 6-0. Sanchez performed brilliantly by packing one goal and two assists in between. It could be said that was the player’s best performance since he moved to the San Siro.

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