Anya Geraldine plans to make a police report to hoax video spreader

Beautiful celebrity Anya Geraldine seems furious with the recent spread of a hoax video that is thought to resemble her. On the accusation that she deemed led to slander, she then planned to report it to the authorities.

Lately, the case of a hoax video like an actress is indeed busy talking about netizens. Previously there was a hoax video where the woman in the video was said to be similar to Gading Martin’s ex-wife, Gisella Anastasia.

Not long ago, another hoax video was circulated which was claimed to be similar to Jessica Iskandar and the latest Anya Geraldine.

Do not then stay silent, the actress immediately give official denials that they are not the female figure in the video.

In fact, Anya Geraldine immediately moved to continue this slanderous case to court.

Through her personal Instagram, this woman who is known to have been close to Rizky Febian admitted that she had reported the spreading of the video to the authorities, because she did not accept being a victim of slander.

“Be careful for those who feel like they have spread hoaxes, just want to say be careful. Thankful I have a good friend who likes to help, when there is a problem, especially when slander falls. You are in serious trouble,” chirped Anya.

In a further caption, Anya admitted that she was surprised why her name was also dragged into the rampant cases of artists that were being discussed recently.

Yusri Yunus as the Head of Public Relations at Polda Metro Jaya said that his party would first carry out an investigation process so that later they could determine the appropriate punishment for spreading hoaxes and pornographic content like that.

“We will try this to the reported first, what can it be (convicted) if the elements are included in the pornography law,” she explained.

However, Yusri admitted that he did not know about the pornographic content involving the name Anya Geraldine, so he could not provide further information on this matter.

“Wow, I don’t know yet (an exciting photo suspected of Anya Geraldine), I can’t give any information yet,” she continued.

As for Syur’s video, which looks like Gisel and Jessica Iskandar, the police admit that they have received the report since last Sunday.

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