Anya Geraldine responds to break up issue with Ovi Rangkuti

The public is curious about the status of the relationship between Indonesian celebrity Anya Geraldine and her partner, Ovi Rangkuti.

According to information, the couple reportedly ran aground after Anya became a model in the video clip of the song “Cuek” which was sung by Rizky Febian.

It can also be seen from Anya and Ovi’s social media activities, where both of them ‘unfollowed’ each other. Netizens then assumed that the couple had officially separated.

Interestingly, when Anya opened the question and answer session, one of the netizens asked about her relationship with Ovi Rangkuti.

“How is the relationship with Ovi now?” wrote one netizen.

When answering the question, Anya then uploads an Insta Story which contains a video of her and Ovi enjoying time together, but with the words ‘Bestie’ which means best friend.

From the last observation, it can be seen that Ovi has deleted all of Anya’s photos. The heating up of the couple’s relationship, which always looks intimate, is allegedly due to the arrival of a third person, who is none other than Rizky Febian.

But interestingly, when another netizen asked about her relationship with Rizky Febian, Anya then dismissed the news that he and Sule’s biological son were dating.

While uploading her photo with Rizky Febian, Anya replied, “Just a good friend.”

Anya Geraldine is indeed involved in a big project, they are the star of the video clips in several of Rizky Febian’s latest songs, where Sule’s biological son is also in the same frame with the Selebgram playing the role of a couple.

However, Anya also emphasized that Rizky Febian’s presence was not the reason why she and Ovi separated. Anya emphasized that the ex was an open minded man.

“Ovi is a kind person, open minded, but not because of Iky. So whatever happens between Iky and Mas Ovi is fine. There is nothing with Iky.”

“Not because of this project, not because I’m friends with Iky, nothing at all,” said Anya about the issue of Ikky’s presence as the third person in his relationship with Ovi.

On Instagram, Anya and Ovi are often seen together, not just the two of them only, but with several other people to promote a product.

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