Arrested for using drugs, Ammar Zoni ever thought about suicide

Feeling the coldness of the prison floor was a bad experience for Ammar Zoni. In fact, when he was caught because of the narcotics case three years ago, this soap opera player claimed to have intended to commit suicide.

For information, Ammar Zoni was indeed arrested by the police because of the Narcotics case. And while recounting the incident on Daniel Mananta’s Youtube Channel, Irish Bella’s husband claimed he was frustrated.

In fact, because of his frustration, Ammar Zoni had intended to commit suicide, if only there were a razor blade or other sharp objects nearby.

“When I was at the police station I felt, if I had a razor blade I cut it. Because I feel like I have really slumped, “said Ammar Zoni on Daniel Mananta’s YouTube channel.

He was embarrassed because his career as an artist would be destroyed. Especially when at the police station, many people take pictures.

“Because of real shame? My career is ruined, people will look at me low, “said Daniel Mananta

“Yes, true. People passing by, take me. Yes, this one who plays (film / soap opera) becomes a social burden, so much, “said Ammar Zoni.

What might make Ammar Zoni sad the most is that many of his fans who once adored actually hated and criticized him on Social media. They assume the idol has wasted their talents.

“I realized, how many people who wanted to be in my position at that time. But I just let it go, I’m not responsible, “he said.

Luckily for the 26-year-old man, his intention to end his life early was undone because of the support of his family and closest colleagues.

“Bokap said, you don’t need to think about it in the future. The most important thing is how you deal with this problem now. The first thing to do is make peace and love yourself. Because if you still have those feelings, how do you want to go forward?” He said.

After being officially released, Ammar Zoni returned to the screen, even in 2019 concerned was officially married to his girlfriend, Irish Bela. But, this couple had an accident, Irish Bella miscarried during pregnancy.

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