Arsenal forced to sell Ozil

Transfer speculation of Mesut Ozil continues to shake the English Premier League football stage. Arsenal as a club owner of the players must think hard in making decisions as there has been a lot of pressure coming to those who require to sell the German-born player.

Ozil’s selling demands have been heard since the end of the 2019 season despite having to pay a portion of the player’s salary. Ozil actually has extraordinary quality, but it will get better when the Gunners don’t work with the player.

Ozil’s performance on the field has deteriorated and it has been proven that in every season he has to get a lot of criticism because it is not in accordance with his best performance. Since Gunner was handled by Unai Emery, there have been a lot of changes in the team, and Ozil has been one of the squad out of the main squad.

So far Ozil is still under contract for the next two seasons and gets a salary of 350,000 pounds per week. Arsenal in this case are clearly wrong as a player as big as Ozil will be very disadvantaged, maintained only to be a reserve.

This situation clearly raises a lot of speculation about the club’s interest in Ozil, and one of them is the Turkish club Fenerbahce. Despite showing interest, but the club is only interested in bringing Ozil as a loan player because they still object to the amount of his salary.

“I heard rumors about Ozil, which happened around him. We don’t know that, we are not sure about the rumor. However, for me, this player is not worth keeping. If he plays the football he shows for the German national team at the World Cup, and plays for Arsenal [in the early days], he is extraordinary. “Said Paul Mariner as an English football analyst.

“Everything has changed and it is very unfortunate now that he is only a shadow of that greatness. He scored a few goals, maybe a few assists, that’s all,”

On that basis, why Paul Mariner asked Arsenal to be willing to let Ozil go. In this case, Arsenal must prepare for a salary match with club buyer Ozil. If you dare, then the Arsenal problem can be resolved.

“For the amount requested, pay for it even though it hurts. So I think the club has to pay some of his salary and release him. So, I will say “Sayonara”,” concluded Paul Mariner.

Amid the hot sales gossip Ozil, the player himself instead tried to convince all the Gunners fans by saying they want to stay at the Emirates and are ready to work harder to compete in Unai Emery’s main squad next season.

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