Arsenal must quickly appoint a permanent coach

After Unai Emery’s sacking, Arsenal have yet to appoint someone who will serve as permanent coach. This makes the club legend, Kevin Campbell, urged the club to immediately take a decision. There is indeed Freddie Ljungberg as an interim coach, but it is still uncertain whether Ljungberg will also plan in the transfer market later.

Yes, Ljunberg who previously only worked as an assistant at Unai Emery now works as a temporary coach, but the club’s problem seems to be the same. The Gunners have yet to find a clear playing style, a dilapidated defense, and there are rumors of the departure of a number of the best players, including Aubameyang and Lacazzette, who appear slick lately.

Before the problem intensified, Campbell urged Arsenal to immediately resolve it. First, Arsenal must appoint a permanent coach in power in the transfer market later, then after that hold talks with the two players.

Campbell himself considered, that one of Arsenal’s main problems in terms of performance is a defense that is still fragile. That is why a permanent trainer must be immediately appointed, with the aim of this problem being resolved quickly.

“Obviously, if there is a new permanent coach who arrives before January, then the club still has time to make plans regarding who will be brought into the transfer market. They are not good enough. “They look like strangers in the back, even though these are players who have been playing for a long time for the club,” Campbell told Sky Sports.

While regarding the issue of the departure of Aubameyang and Lacazette, Campbell believes that Ljunberg and the club will work as best they can to resolve this issue. Because after all, these two players are very important for Arsenal at this time.

“If they are not ready to sign a new contract then you have to have a plan for how you will continue going forward. These players, if they don’t want to sign a new contract, you must be ready to let them go and bring in other players who really want to play for the club, “he said.

Arsenal are currently preparing to face Brighton and Hove Albion in Week 15 of the Premier League. This will be Ljunberg’s second match in the manager’s seat, before Arsenal only drew against Norwich City.

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