Arsenal now “run like a circus”

The defeat of Manchester City made Arsenal re-harvest criticism. Even Bacary Sagna also recently cast a very scathing criticism of the north London Club. The former Gunners defender considers that the North London team has now changed like a circus and is not entirely clear.

During the start of this season, Arsenal did appear without clear direction and purpose. They find it difficult to perform well so they have difficulty winning. The tip of this poor performance was the dismissal of Unai Emery from the manager’s chair some time ago. The club then appointed Freddie Ljunberg, but the situation even got worse.

In the match last weekend, Arsenal lost another defeat. They fell from the hands of Manchester City with a landslide score 3-0 at home. Seeing Arsenal’s current conditions, no doubt make Sagna feel concerned. He called Arsenal now completely unclear, more like a circus than a football team.
“This club is like a big circus,” Sagna told Sky Sports.

What a mess, that was Sagna’s first picture when he had to describe how Arsenal are today. He considered that there was a lot of obscurity in the Arsenal squad so that it affected the players’ performance.

“Right now you don’t really know who is going and who is making the decision. In addition, their players look less confident. “He said.

However, Sagna was reluctant to only give criticism, he also gave a solution to the former club. According to the former AS Roma, Arsenal should quickly appoint a new manager, so that the direction and goals of the team can be clear where.

“You can’t blame the players because they don’t know who will be the next team manager. This is a difficult situation for the club. “He concluded.

Since the dismissal of Unai Emery, there have been several names of new Arsenal coach candidates that have appeared in the media. There are Carlo Ancelotti, Mikel Arteta and Patrick Vieira who are championed to take up the job in North London. But until now the club has not taken any decision.

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