Arsenal players reveal ever doubted the quality of Mikel Arteta

Mikel Arteta’s performance at the Arsenal manager’s seat at this time is not yet apparent, but at least there are positive signs. The proof, the North London Club was able to win over the top two standings, Liverpool and Manchester City in a row.

Arteta was appointed manager to replace Unai Emery at the end of last year. It could be said, his arrival was quite surprising, considering that he had no experience training and previously only worked as Pep Guardiola’s assistant.

Arsenal themselves previously appointed Fredie Ljunberg as Interim coach, but they felt that Arteta was mature enough to handle the first team.

Arsenal’s decision to appoint the man from Spain is considered appropriate, because although not seen a significant surge in performance from Aubameyang et al, at least there is a glimmer of hope. The club only needs to recruit a number of quality players to be better with Mikel Arteta.

However, as most of the public judge the figure of Mikel Arteta with minimal experience, the Arsenal players also felt that way at first. This was revealed directly by one of the club’s players, Joe Willock.

He claimed that the Arsenal players looked doubtful when they heard the news of Mikel Arteta’s arrival in the manager’s chair.

“To be honest, when he [Arteta] arrived, we were a little doubtful about what he could do. Obviously, he is a very young coach and most of the Arsenal players who are playing now have a team with him. ”

“So we are a little doubtful about how to take a stand,” Willock told The Beautiful Game Podcast via international Goal.

Despite doubts, the players still welcomed the arrival of Arteta with joy, which is why the manager felt welcome.

“We welcome him openly and we all want to see what he has to offer. He came, and to be honest, he was quite extraordinary. Details of his work, human management with each player, and we are all excited to work with him. ”

“I also learned a lesson like never before. He is extraordinary, and I say this not only because he is my boss, “he said.

Ironically, after the victory over Liverpool and Manchester City, Arsenal actually surrendered in the hands of Aston Villa earlier this morning.

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