Arsenal ready to sell Mesut Ozil


The club from North London, Arsenal finally dared to take the decision to part with Mesut Ozil. Arsenal’s plan is to be a success in the upcoming 2019 summer transfer market, as Ozil’s name is on their sale list.

Ozil himself is one of the super-paid players, January 2018 is a moment where both parties continue their cooperation until the next 2021. It is known that Ozil received a salary of 350 thousand Pounds, which is clearly recorded as beating other Arsenal players.

With pressure and threats from many parties, Ozil looks bad this season. His performance was considered to be declining and Unai Emery himself was forced to reserve the German national team midfielder in the 2018-2019 season. From all the long trips in the last season, Emery finally decided to sell Ozil in the transfer market later.

This news came out because Emery claimed to have run out of patience through the level of behavior of the players in the squad, which was feared would have a negative impact on other players. There has been so much criticism for Ozil this season, considered too relaxed and also does not reflect players paying 350,000 Pounds per week.

So it’s very feasible for Ozil to accept the sales status. In order to reduce the salary burden on his team next season, Emery felt that selling Ozil was the best option for Arsenal at this time. As for the way Arsenal released Ozil, of course, it will not be easy, because many clubs object to the player’s high salary.

Amid the development of this issue, Ozil himself had said he still wanted to survive at the Emirates Stadium. He also makes promise that he is ready to change and provide a better performance than before, so that Arsenal can achieve success in the domestic league to Europe.

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