Arsene Wenger ensures Hazard is not Ronaldo!

The legend of Arsenal coach, Arsene Wenger has provided an assessment of Eden Hazard‘s new career path with Real Madrid. On several occasions, Wenger saw that the game Hazard in Zinedine Zidane’s squad did not change anything much, especially specifically replacing the role left by Cristiano Ronaldo.

In the end, Hazard broke his egg and succeeded in making the first assistant in La Liga. The moment occurred when Madrid won a landslide 4-2 victory over Granada at the Santiago Bernabue in the Spanish La Liga continued this season.

This good start is in fact not yet able to give satisfaction to the Madrid fans, who want to get a substitute figure for the role of Cristiano Ronaldo, who chose to move to Juventus in 2018. As for the heavy burden on Hazard’s hips to become a new star and the mainstay of EL Real in the future.

The departure of Ronaldo from Santiago Bernabeu, in fact made Madrid’s trip so bad, it was even recorded in the last season that they had made coach changes three times, and even worse was failing to win even one title in one season.

Madrid public and lovers around the world expect Hazard to replace the role of Ronaldo. However, Wenger said that Hazard was not Ronaldo, so he did not need to put too much burden on the Belgian captain and national team player.

“He is the answer, but not like Ronaldo, that’s for sure. He won’t score 50 goals a year because this is how they play. “Obviously the workers are another goal scorer at Real Madrid because [Karim] Benzema is now 32 years old, and if they have a younger figure to score, maybe they can play well,” said Wenger.

On the other hand, from the doubt Hazard can replace the role of Ronaldo, it turns out Wenger does not doubt his quality as a dangerous player at this time. Wenger is one of the living witnesses of how Hazard was able to tear apart the Arsenal defense upset when he was still being trained by Wenger.

“Hazard is a great player with the ability to create many opportunities and sometimes finish what should be done in big games. There is no fear of anyone, I’m not sure Real has seen the real Hazard, he’s not as sharp as ever physically. That is why I am sure they will find the original Hazard figure, “concluded Wenger.

Despite great doubts about Hazard, for the time being the situation of Madrid is safe enough to succeed temporarily at the top of the La Liga standings with 18 points. Although not invincible until the 8th week, but the inconsistent performance is still a big enemy of Sergio Ramos and his friends.

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