Ashanty blasphemed by netizen after being called ‘bullying’ Millendaru’s appearance

Millendaru’s name lately has become trending on Twitter, not because of the fact that the person concerned is a transgender, but because of a bully carried out by her own aunt, Ashanty.

Yes, Millen is Ashanty’s niece and actually Anang Hermansyah’s wife has no problem seeing her niece’s appearance.

It’s just that, lately Millen’s changes tend to become more and more so, so that Ashanty also sounds like ‘bullying’ her niece several times.

This was revealed on the Asix Family Youtube Channel, where the incident took place when Millen visited Ashanty’s House. There, Millen’s appearance was ‘bullied’ by Ashanty and Aurel Hermansyah.

Because it was considered too excessive in bullying Millendaru’s appearance, Ashanty then became the target of Netizen blasphemy. According to them, Anang Hermansyah’s wife had done Body Shaming.

However, Ashanty did not remain silent, she too gave a reply through her posts on Instagram.

“Don’t assume a lot of things that you don’t know, don’t understand or don’t feel … because it’s easier to say than in the mirror,” Ashanty wrote in her Instagram post.

The post immediately invited Netizens to comment, some claimed that those who blasphemed Ashanty were from the LGBT people.

“The one who blasphemes ashanty is the L ****,” said the Mamam *** account.

Then Ashanty tried to explain the truth that happened at that time. It was said by Anang’s wife that she and family were used to joking like that.

In fact, according to her, Millendaru was fine with that joke.

“Millen was fine with that joke, we have been used to and not just to her, to all the nephews, nieces and families, all the same joke. What did I say Millen look scary because too many injections, she was far more attractive before being messed up with her face,” explained Ashanty again .

Ashanty also said that those who did not blaspheme her followers on Social Media, who were well acquainted with Ashanty’s jokes with Millendaru all this time.

“They don’t understand because it’s not our follower, so once they immediately blaspheme which is their right hehe, it doesn’t need to be nurtured, many of my friends are so, but life is normal,” Ashanty explained again.

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