Atletico Madrid President ready to claim the title if Champions League this season cancelled

This season of European Champions League is in danger of being eliminated if there is no way out, and if it happens like that, Atletico Madrid President Enrique Cerezo claims that his team deserves to be champions.

Some domestic leagues in Europe this season will indeed roll again in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic starting from the Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A and the English Premier League. In fact, previously there had been a German Bundesliga that rolled since mid-May.

It’s just that, the question is the continuation of the European Champions League, given the annual competition carries the away home format. It seems impossible to maintain such a format in the midst of this pandemic.

According to the information heard, UEFA itself prioritizes the completion of the domestic league. After that, they just made a decision about the European Champions League. This annual competition could be cancelled, if indeed no solution was found.

Well, if it is true that in the end the European Champions League must be stopped, Atletico Madrid President Enrique Cerezo claims that his team deserves to be champions. The reason, Diego Simeone’s troops managed to win over Liverpool, who were champions of last season’s competition.

“On the hypothesis that the Champions League will not proceed because of the corona virus pandemic, the champions must be those who beat the champions,” Enrique Cerezo was quoted as saying by Mundo Deportivo.

The news heard said that UEFA was holding an indirect meeting to decide how to format the competition for the rest of the season. Of course, what became their discussion was the format of the competition, home-away might be abolished temporarily.

The plan, the European football association will wait until all domestic competition ends. After that, they will gather all the remaining contestants in one country then continue the competition in that country.

“We understand that UEFA is trying to concentrate all the matches in one city, reportedly in Spain and Portugal, but nothing is certain,”

“There are still 11 matches left plus the final phase of the Champions League, it could be four matches. I imagine that the government is waiting for the development of this pandemic and making a final decision, “Enrique Cerezo said.

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