Attacking is the best way to survive

In contrast to Jose Mourinho who relied heavily on defensive tactics at Manchester United, Interim coach, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer emphasized attacking tactics since being appointed to replace The Special One two weeks ago. As a result, the Red Devils won 3 consecutive wins in their last three parties in all competitions, always succeeding in scoring more than two goals against opponents. Regarding this, midfielder Ander Herrera believes that the best defense is to attack.

For the past two and a half seasons, Manchester United is considered a bus parking team, which only relies on tight defense and counter-attacks to get positive results in every match. Many criticisms are related to this fact, and not a few say that United’s game is too boring. Indeed, in the end the club found good results in the last two seasons under Mourinho, packing 3 trophies and finishing 2nd in the Premier League final.

After a series of poor results at the beginning of the season, coupled with the issue of conflict with midfielder Paul Pogba, finally the Portuguese coach was sacked from the manager’s seat two weeks ago, and then replaced by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer who served as an interim coach. Under the direction of the Norwegian legend, Manchester United appeared more attacking, and as a result they won three consecutive wins, each against Cardiff City, Huddersfield Town and Bournemouth.

Regarding this, midfielder Ander Herrera believes that maybe attacking is the best way to survive.

“He likes us to attack, he wants some balance with center-backs and, in this case, Nemanja [Matic] and me today, but he wants every player to attack. He wants the full-back to take part in the attack. ”

“He wants us to create problems for other teams and that suits us. I think the best way to maintain results is to keep attacking. Sometimes you have to be careful, but I think that’s what we do. We continue to attack and continue to create opportunities. With the forward players we have, it’s difficult if we don’t create opportunities and score goals,” told Herrera to MUTV.

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