Aurel experienced sexual harassment before separating from JKT48

Since December 13th, Ni Made Ayu Vania Aurellia or  Aurel has officially resigned from JKT48 girl band. However, right before leaving the girl group that raised her name, Aurel was a victim of sexual harassment.

For information, during the Covid-19 pandemic, JKT48 personnel still greeted their fans via Video Call, as a substitute for the Hand Shake routine.

However, Aurel’s departure was actually somewhat surprising because she still had a schedule to make Video Calls with JKT48 fans.

Nevertheless, JKT48 Management still accepted Aurel’s decision to resign. Well, it turns out that this 20 year old woman was a victim of sexual harassment, which is most likely the reason behind her decision to resign.

One of the JKT48 managers, Rino, explained that the incident took place on November 3rd after Aurel uploaded her latest photo on Instagram.

At that time, Aurel immediately received a private message from an Instagram user containing comments with tones of sexual harassment. Ironically again, this user also sent Aurel indecent images.

“It happened on November 3rd, after she shared a photo on Instagram there was an account that send a DM to her. The comments were insulting and sent an inappropriate picture,” explained Rino as the manager of JKT48 at that time.

Of course Aurel was offended and did not want a similar incident to happen again in the future, for this reason, she then reported the Instagram user to the authorities.

“On November 7, A and the manager made a report to the Regional Police regarding this matter,”

“So far, the report letter is already there like the one we uploaded on social media and we are just waiting for the next results to be asked for further information,” continued Rino.

The Jakarta Metro Police admitted that they had received the report from Aurel and would immediately conduct an investigation.

“Because she felt offended, she did not accept the existence of an account on social media @ kurniawan037,” said Head of Public Relations of Polda Metro Jaya Kombes Yusri Yunus to reporters at the Jakarta Metro Police Headquarters at that time.

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