Aurelie Moeremans talks about her new BF, Hanif Ramadhana

Recently Aurelie Moeremans was back in the Netizen conversation, not about a viral video call Halu some time ago, but about her relationship with a man.

Yes, over the past few days, Ello’s ex-lover has uploaded intimate moments together with a man known to be named Hanif Ramadhana. When asked about this, Aurelie admitted that she had indeed dated Hanif.

“Yes (dating),” Aurelie answered.

Interestingly, this 26-year-old woman claimed to know and be close to Hanif Ramadhan through social media Instagram.

“Knew him from Instagram,” she continued.

So far, her relationship with Hanif Ramadhana is still good.

“The relationship is fine,” he said.

Hanif Ramadhana himself is apparently not a celebrity, if we monitored from his Instagram account. No wonder so many people are wondering why Aurelie, who in fact is an artist and model, wants to date Hanif.

Aurelie then revealed the reason, she considered Hanif Ramadhana as a funny figure.

“Yeah, yeah maybe because it’s funny when I keep chatting it turns out to be connected. Yes, it’s close now until now, “said Aurelie.

Aurelie admitted that she had only been dating the man for a few months.

“It’s only been a few months,” Aurelie said.

Before this, Aurelie Moeremans was known to be dating a country musician. This couple is quite lasting, even Aurelie is so loyal to the man whose full name is Marcello Tahitoe, although the person concerned was languishing behind bars.

Not only that, this couple also reportedly will continue their love story to a more serious level. Too bad their relationship foundered in the middle of the road.

Aurelie herself is rumored to have married before with Roby Tremonti and is now widowed. However, this rumor was strongly denied by Aurelie.

In fact, to refute the gossip, Aurelie came to show documents containing information that she had never been married by any man.

Meanwhile, when asked about her ex-boyfriend, Aurelie looked silent and chose a short answer.

“Ex-boyfriend? It’s fine, “said Aurelie, who immediately left the media crew.

Some time ago, the figure of Aurelie Moeremans was viral in the media because of the video call content she had created.

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