Aww, MU Legend calls Pogba’s agent “a leech”!

Manchester United legend, Gary Neville did not remain silent after hearing the banter spoken by Mino Raiola as Transfer Agent of Paul Pogba some time ago. In return, Neville dubbed the Dutch agent as a leech.

Mino Raiola apart from being a Super Agent is indeed known as a figure who often makes controversial comments in front of the media. He did not hesitate to criticize a club that he considered treating his clients unfairly.

For example recently, Raiola did not hesitate to criticize Manchester United for not protecting Paul Pogba from the criticism and ridicule of the fans. While in his latest interview, the Dutch Super Agent actually mocked the club legend, Garry Neville.

In an interview, he said Nevilla was only great when he was still playing. While his coaching career has proven to be a failure, moreover his work in managing Salford City.

“Gary Neville screwed himself up. He has never done a successful job in his life outside of being a fantastic soccer player. If he’s good at doing business, why isn’t Salford City in the Premier League?” said Raiola about Neville to talkSport.

As happy as information, Salford City is a club owned by Garry Neville and a number of other Manchester United legends. Whereas at the moment, Salford City only plays in the third caste league.

Clearly Raioala’s mockery made Neville furious. Neville, who celebrated his 45th birthday on Tuesday, then attacked the agent through uploads on his Twitter account. Neville did not hesitate to call Raiola as a leech.

“The best birthday prayer I got from a leech!” Neville wrote. This Neville post is liked 29.9 thousand. Not only that, Neville’s post was also welcomed by 527 diverse comments.

The nickname can be said not without reason. Because the 52-year-old agent of Italian and Dutch blood often often makes clubs distraught when he defends the interests of players who become his clients.

For information, currently Raiola is shading some of the world’s top players such as Paul Pogba, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Matthijs De Ligt, Mario Balotelli and others.

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