Ayu Ting Ting remains tight-lipped about the cancellation of her wedding

Ayu Ting Ting, Indonesian beautiful dangdut singer suddenly canceled her wedding plans with Adit Jayusman, which should take place in the near future. However, when asked about the reasons, mother of one child remains silent.

During the last few months, the media have been busy discussing Ayu Ting Ting’s wedding plans with Adit Jayusman. In fact, it was reported that the two couple had booked the wedding planner they wanted.

Not only that, according to information that was heard, Ayu Ting Ting and Adit Jayusman had already fitted their wedding outfits. Unfortunately, this plan actually ran aground on the way.

Ayu Ting Ting is said to have met with the wedding planner regarding the cancellation of their wedding plans. However, when asked about the cause of the cancellation of the plan, the singer of the song ‘Sambalado’ chose to be silent.

“Yes, (Adit) still not the one, what could we do. We can’t do anything, we have set a good plan, but everything back to God. Let that be my own experience,” said Ayu Ting Ting.

What is clear, Ayu Ting Ting asked the media crew to pray for her to be healthy in the midst of this pandemic.

“Sir, Ma’am, just pray for me to stay healthy and safe. We never know (deeds, sustenance, birth, death, etc), Allah knows the best for us,” she concluded.

A similar attitude was also shown by Ayu Ting Ting’s father, Abdul Rojak, who chose to be silent and only gave a wave to the media crew before entering the house.

While on the one hand, recently the Wedding Organizer who will handle the wedding of Ayu Ting Ting and Adit Jayusman revealed that the couple’s wedding preparations had reached 50 percent.

“It’s 50 percent, so all the vendors have been selected. We have decided many things, and many have already started to work,” said Lukman, a representative from the wedding organizer who handled Ayu Ting Ting’s wedding some time ago.

Likewise with the clothes fitting process, where both Ayu and Adit ordered 5 clothes for the wedding ceremony. The design of the clothes was left to Anne Aventie.

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