Back injury, De Bruyne could absent Manchester Derby

Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola revealed the reason for the absence of Kevin De Bruyne in the match against Sheffield Wednesday this morning. Apparently, the Belgian player suffered a back injury.

As is known, Manchester City travel to the headquarters of Sheffield Wednesday to face the host Sheffield Wednesday, Thursday morning WIB (05/03).

The match, titled FA Cup fifth round, was won by Pep Guardiola’s men with a narrow 1-0 score. Thanks to that, they advanced to the quarter-finals.

But there is one thing that is of concern, the absence of Kevin De Bruyne. Yes, the Belgian midfielder did not play in the game earlier this morning. It was only after the match coach Pep Guardiola explained the reason for the player’s absence.

The tactician explained that the person suffered a back injury, due to landing in the wrong position.

The manager did not know how long it would take De Bruyne to recover from his injury.

“He fell in a bad position and had problems with his back. We don’t know how long he will pull over, hopefully not too long.” Guardiola told Goal International.

Of course this injury is unfortunate, considering that De Bruyne is one of Man City’s best players the most consistent this season. He is the life of the game Man City, with vision of play and flow of bait that can dictate the game.

The Premier League defending champion does indeed still have a number of other top players, but De Bruyne’s absence clearly has an impact.

What’s more, there are two big matches that Citizen will play, each against Manchester United and Arsenal.

Meanwhile, the match against Sheffield Wednesday was the fourth straight match to be played by Manchester City. Pep is pleased with the results, but will now focus on the next away match at Old Trafford.

“This is our fourth straight away game and we will have another away game at Old Trafford. We spent a lot of mental energy in the last few games,” added Pep.

The match titled Matchday 29 Premier League will be held on Sunday night next Upcoming (08/03).

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