Bad impacts of checking phone before bed time

Looking cellphone or smartphone is indeed one of the exciting habits. The increasing number of features makes it even more difficult for people regardless of their cell phone. In fact, almost everyone always plays their cell phones before going to sleep. In fact, this is a bad habit that can cause adverse effects as below.

1. Reducing Sleep Quality

The light produced from cellphones makes our eyes difficult to get sleepy, as a result we can sleep late at night because of the fun of playing cellphones. Obviously this disrupts the quality of our sleep, especially if you have to wake up in the morning because of work. Lack of sleep quality has a bad impact, such as lack of focus and so on.

2. Risk of Depression and Bipolar Disorder

The bad impact of playing mobile before going to sleep for the next health is that it can increase the risk of depression and bipolar disorder. This has been proven in a study involving thousands of students. The results found a relationship between the use of mobile phones before sleep with a decrease in environmental adaptation in the future.

3. Decreased eye health

Most people need 30 to 60 minutes to play their cellphones before going to sleep. In that position, most of them have turned off the room lights, which means the only source of light comes from cell phones. Now this is what can damage our eyesight. Not surprisingly, many people who are addicted to cell phones have eye problems like Minus, Plus, nearsightedness and others.

4. Brain Easily Tired

The bad impact of playing mobile before going to sleep for subsequent health can also make the brain easily tired. This can happen because the duration of sleep time is interrupted. As a result, the activity the next day will be disrupted due to the brain that is too tired to work.

5. Obesity

Playing the phone for too long can also make our stomach feel hungry. Just imagine if hunger comes every night when going to sleep. Keep in mind, one of the factors of obesity is the habit of eating at night before going to bed. Therefore, if you do not want to be affected by Obesity, reduce the habit of playing mobile before sleeping.

6. Nerve Disorders

Lack of sleep gained due to the habit of playing mobile phones before going to sleep can bring up toxins in the nerves. This condition causes the nerves of the body to be disturbed if this habit is carried out continuously.

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