Baim Wong feels insulted by Nikita Mirazani

Nikita Mirzani did not specifically mention the name of the artist who she quipped through Instagram recently. Netizens had guessed and Baim Wong felt that he was the person referred to by Dipo Latief’s ex-husband.

Not long ago, Nikita Mirzani did insinuate an artist through her Instagram account. Although not specifically mentioned, but many believe that the figure referred to by Nikita is Baim Wong.

In the upload, Nikita Mirzani revealed about an artist who often slanders.

His satire is also about the artist’s activities on Social Media, turning off comments when uploading photos with President Jokowi. Instead it allows Netizen comments when uploading photos with an HTI Ustadz.

What the artist is doing seems to deliberately provoke netizens to comment. Nikita Mirazani assumed that the artist rarely appear on Television, so she tried to find sustenance through other channels.

Not only that, the 34-year-old woman firmly claimed that the artist had slandered one of her former employees. In fact, according to Nikita, any content uploaded on Youtube is completely useless.

There is no specific name mentioned by Nikita Mirazni, but Netizens already suspect that the artist in question is Baim Wong. Interestingly, the husband of Paula Verhoven also felt that he had been insinuated.

“I’m really okay if you want to do anything to me. I have no grudge at all for the sake of God, I am not vengeful,”

“You want to talk about me, it’s also okay. I’m really okay. What I keep thinking about is Paula and Kiano’s feelings. But Kiano is still a little kid, he can’t read the news yet, “said Baim Wong on his YouTube Channel.

But the satire did not necessarily reduce his enthusiasm to continue uploading video content on Youtube. According to him, as long as it’s good the negative comments from others will be ignored.

“What I do is what I think is good, I don’t listen to this or that. I will all benefit, if there is no benefit, then I will not take it from there.” He said.

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