Bale can rejoin Tottenham if willing to take a 50% pay cut

Tottenham Hotspur claimed to have designed a bid proposal for the stronghold of Real Madrid, in a plan to repatriate Gareth Bale to the 2019-20 English Premier League. According to various sources said if Tottenham prepared an offer proposal with the contents requesting a deduction of salary to Bale.

It has become a hot issue in the last kick, where Bale is not included in Zinedine Zidane’s plans at Real Madrid next season. The status is very clear that Bale is recommended to find a new club if he wants to save his career as a high standard professional player.

Actually it was very beneficial for Bale because the Madrid freed him to look for the club he liked. But here interested parties realize there are two difficult obstacles to pull Bale out of the Santiago Bernabeu. First is Bale’s intention to not move from Madrid, and the second has a very high salary burden so many clubs retire.

Apart from many club setbacks, it turned out that Tottenham realized it needed a new player in the 2019 summer transfer market. Bale’s name is considered appropriate to fill the void, and only dared to bid 60 million euros to Real Madrid to buy the 29-year-old Welshman.

Not only that, Tottenham also made an offer to Bale to cut salaries up to 50%. Because, if they are still paid the same salary as Madrid, they will not be able to meet Bale’s needs.

The size of Bale’s salary demands clearly object to many clubs including Tottenham, even a team as rich as Manchester United has resigned in this hunt. The Red Devils here are one of Bale’s serious enthusiasts, when Jose Mourinho’s era they had put forward an interest in Bale, but returned to the bottom of the problem that high salaries frustrated Manchester United’s plans.

Interestingly here, is not only Bale’s high salary, but according to the player’s agent, John Barnett also confirmed his client wanted to stay at Real Madrid. Although later it will get bad results by becoming a foreign player, but Bale still wants to join Madrid.

Investigated, if Bale’s communication is very bad, this thing cannot be separated from the attitude of the player, who does not want to learn Spanish. As a result many feel Bale does not want to develop and the possibility of this obstacle becomes the basis of the problem Madrid want to sell Bale in the 2019 summer transfer market.

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