Balotelli jokes has been eating cardboard during self-isolation

Despite their wealth of assets, not all of Europe’s top players go through a period of independent quarantine comfortably and adequately. Mario Balotelli, for example, a former Liverpool player, told of how he had been able to eat cardboard during isolation.

Italy is listed as one of the countries that felt the most severe effects of the Corona Virus pandemic. Until the news was revealed, there were more than 223 thousand Covid-19 cases there, and a total of more than 31 thousand people died.

It’s only natural that the Italian government enforces the quarantine rules of the region, or what is referred to as ‘Lockdown’. All people without exception are required to remain silent, isolating themselves at home, including football players.

Likewise with Mario Balotelli, he still obeys the rules even though often acting controversial. But, the story is quite sad during the period of independent isolation, especially in the first days.

Because the player who is now defending Brescia cannot get out of his house to just buy food. As a result, because he could not resist hunger, Balotelli decided to eat the cardboard and crumbs of the walls of his house.

“Basically I have to eat cardboard and try to bite down on the wall chunks during the first three days of quarantine because I can’t cook anything. Luckily, I got food delivered, “said Balotelli.

In addition to this suffering, the former Inter Milan and Manchester City player also feels frustrated at having to separate from his family and children.

“I went crazy in the last few weeks because I was alone. My daughter is in Naples, my son is in Zurich, and my mother is in a vulnerable age and needs protection. I live alone and it’s difficult, “he continued.

Balotelli himself since the beginning of this season defended one of the Italian Serie A promotion teams, Brescia. The 27-year-old figure admitted that he could not wait to play again after two months of league suspension because of this pandemic.

According to information circulating later, the Italian Serie A is likely to be held in the near future. In fact, Serie A clubs are also believed to have received permission to hold training sessions, of course, in private and through strict medical protocols.

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