Barca coach confirms Lionel Messi’s injury is mild and not serious

Barcelona fans were made worried by the condition of the club’s mainstay player, Lionel Messi who was reportedly injured during midweek training yesterday. Fortunately Quique Setien coach can ensure that the injury is relatively mild.

The Spanish La Liga is planned to continue in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. With the 2019/20 campaign which still has 11 matches left, the League plans to start rolling again on June 12, 2020 tomorrow.

Barcelona itself still topped the standings before La Liga was Suspended in mid-March. At the top, the defending champion bagged 58 points from 27 matches. That is, the Catalan Giant has a great chance of defending the title this season.

Even so, it cannot be ignored by the fact that Real Madrid are still stalking in 2nd place with just two points adrift. With 11 matches left, competition for the title is still open for the two clubs.

Therefore, Barcelona need its best squad in the remaining 11 matches later, of course including Lionel Messi. Because, it cannot be denied that the Argentine mega star did indeed have a significant impact on Barcelona’s performance.

Unfortunately, as the la league schedule drew near, the Argentine Mega Star was actually injured. The 33-year-old figure has reportedly been absent since midweek training yesterday. The situation led to speculation about Messi’s condition.

Had raised concerns among Barcelona fans that the mainstay players of their favorite team were seriously injured. But that claim is certain to be untrue, Barcelona fans can breathe in relief because coach Quique Setien confirmed that Messi suffered only minor injuries.

“Other players who missed training also exist. It’s like prevention, like other players. He was sprained and not serious. He is in perfect condition, “Quique Setien was quoted as saying from the US.

Messi’s service is certainly needed by Barcelona, ​​but Quique Setien cannot guarantee that Argentina players will be the mainstay in the remaining 11 matches.

“Of course I would be glad to see Lionel Messi always on the pitch. However, we also have to see what the results will look like in the future, “he said.

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