Barcelona carried out a personal approach to Marcus Rashford

The interest of the Spanish La Liga champions, Barcelona against Marcus Rashford does not seem to be a figment. The team filled with Lionel Messi class stars are claimed to have carried out a personal approach to the players.

Rashford’s name in Manchester United’s main squad is still preliminary, because he was promoted by coach Louis van Gaal in 2016 season, as a striker regularly appearing on the front of the Red Devils. Recorded to date, Rashford is a regular player with 13 goals and nine assists for the Red Devils in the 2018-2019 season.

This record gives confidence to Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to be the mainstay of the Red Devils and successfully shifted the main position of Romelu Lukaku. The development that continues to be shown by Rashford turned out to attract the attention of Barcelona and they felt that the player would be very suitable in their main squad next season.

The main reason Barcelona are interested in Rashford is because it is considered a suitable candidate to replace Luis Suarez. This Uruguayan attacker is considered to have started to decline in performance, his five seasons at the Camp Nou made Suarez’s chances of survival even smaller.

Investigating, the recruiting team from Barcelona had approached Rashford. They were reported to have opened a communication with the player’s agent. Barcelona’s promise is to provide Rashford with a wide opportunity to become the Camp Nou star next season.

Interested in Rashford, Barcelona’s road is a bit heavy, because Manchester United recorded a release agreement on Rashford’s selling clause at 150 million Pounds. If we assess Rashford’s selling price, then that value is still considered expensive, as Rashford’s age is still relatively young, and has not become a mature player in experience.

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