Barcelona coach hints an interest at Lautraro Martinez

Barcelona tactician, Ernesto Valverde did not hesitate to send flattery to one of Inter Milan’s top strikers this season, Lautaro Martinez. Following the fact that Barcelona is often associated with the Argentine starlet, Valverde’s praise was interpreted as a sign of the club’s interest in Martinez.

It is undeniable the fact that Lautaro Martinez performed brilliantly with Inter Milan this season. Until now, he has made 13 goals and three assists from 20 appearances in all competitions. Thanks to his brilliant performance, it can be said that Inter Milan managed to overtake Juventus in the standings, and now sit at the top with a three-point advantage.

Over the past few weeks, Lautaro Martinez has often been linked with Barcelona. Various reports say that the defending La Liga champions see him as the right substitute for aging Luis Suarez. The speculation seemed to be increasingly heated by flattery offered by coach Ernesto Valverde.

The manager said he was impressed with Lautaro Martinez’s program, which he said was fast and strong.

“He is a great player, and he is undergoing a good season. He is fast and strong. He scored a good goal in the first game at Camp Nou. I know he feels comfortable with Lukaku, they find the right mechanism to help Inter,” So said Valverde as quoted by Goal International.

Although in terms of character, there are differences between Lautaro Martinez and Luis Suarez, but Valverde said the similarities between the two players are both born to score a lot of goals.

“About Lautaro who is similar to Luis Suarez, they are different players but are both born scorers. But Inter have so many good players. Lautaro, Lukaku, [Milan] Skriniar …,” he said.

The match between Inter Milan against Barcelona will take place on Wednesday at 12.00 WIB (11/12) at the San Siro. For the host, this is the party of life and death, because it determines their fate in the Champions League. Barcelona itself does not have any urgency from this fight. They certainly finished top of Group F, and advanced to the last 16.

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