Barcelona ‘forced’ Juventus to appear with best performance

The new Juventus tactician, Andrea Pirlo admits that the meeting against Barcelona in the morning WIB will put his players under pressure to perform at their best.

As is known, Juventus and Barcelona are in the European Champions League group draw this season. The two of them will also face each other on the second Matchdays on Thursday morning WIB (29/10) at Allianz Stadium, Turin.

Speaking of performance, the two teams were still inconsistent at the start of this season. Barcelona just lost in the El Clasico match last weekend, while Juventus have not shown their best performance under the direction of new manager Andrea Pirlo.

In addition, the two teams are also certain to lose some of their mainstay players due to injuries.

However, Andrea Pirlo as coach of Juventus believes that his players will feel compelled to present their best performance when facing a team like Barcelona later.

“Tomorrow we will know the players who are available, Barcelona will force us to present a great match,” Pirlo opened on Juventus’ official website.

Although the match will not at all determine the fate of the two teams in the European Champions League, Pirlo believes that his team will appear as if they are playing in the final.

“We have a chance against a top club. We will face this match with due respect, even if it is not a decisive match. We really want to test our strengths and their strengths,” he added.

The Italian football legend predicts that the match will be difficult for both teams but will entertain football fans.

What is clear, Juventus will be determined to achieve the best results in the duel in Turin later.

“There are great players at Barca, although some are absent. The key for us is passion and determination. It will be a difficult game, but beautiful,”

“The players clearly have to sacrifice themselves and play a great match. We will rely on the existing players,” he concluded.

As for the first match of the Champions League group phase, both Juventus and Barcelona won a landslide victory over their opponents.

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