Barcelona must break Real Madrid’s domination at UCL

Watching Real Madrid lift the European Champions League trophy in the last three seasons, it was felt so painful by Brighton and Hove Albion player, Martin Montoya, who is a former Barcelona player. He believes the dominance of Los Blancos will end this season, and he hopes his former club is there to break the dominance.

As is known, Real Madrid have dominated the European Champions League in the last three seasons in a row, and in fact they are the first team to record that record. Starting from 2015/16, when the legend, Zinedine Zidane entered the mid-season to replace Rafael Benitez. Despite working starting the season, the fact is that the French legend was able to bring Los Blancos to win the Champions League after defeating Atletico Madrid in the final round.

In the 2016/17 season, Real Madrid managed to continue their dominance at the annual event, after defeating defending champions Serie A Italy, Juventus. In fact, Los Blancos also won the Spanish La Liga title at that time. And last season in the 2017/18 season, Los Blancos were conquered by Premier League representatives, Liverpool in the final. That way, Real Madrid became the first team in history to win three consecutive European Champions League trophies.
They also became a club that smeared the most European Champions League titles in history, a total of 13 European Champions League titles collected by Los Blancos. Of course seeing this fact is painful for rivals Real Madrid, especially Barcelona. This is also recognized by the former Catalan giant player, Martin Montoya who now plays in the Premier League with Brighton and Hove Albion.

However, with the fact that Real Madrid have been abandoned by Zinedine Zidane and their mega stars, Cristiano Ronaldo, Montoya believes the dominance of Los Blancos in the Champions league will end, and Barcelona must be a team that breaks that dominance.

“To be honest it hurts, Real Madrid won the Champions League three times in a row, and this is something that will never happen again because it is very difficult. Historic achievements and hurts. It’s very difficult to see eternal enemies collecting many Champions League trophies. “Barcelona must win, hopefully it will materialize this season,” said the former Barcelona player.

With Real Madrid who have collected 13 UCL titles, on the other hand Barcelona are only able to collect 5 titles.

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