Barcelona trolled Real Madrid because no women’s soccer team

The rivalry between Barcelona and Real Madrid is endless, this latest through an acknowledgment of ridicule coming out of Barcelona’s vice president, Jordi Mestre, feeling strange because the Real Madrid class club did not have a female team to participate in the tournament held in Spain.

It is true that in the last two seasons, European football, especially for the women’s team has grown. From several European states, they have been seen holding permanent women’s soccer competitions locally. Not only Spain, now the competition has entered the Champions League level.

So far, the Barcelona women’s team is still the best in Spain, also in Europe. In the 2018/19 season, Barcelona women’s team even managed to penetrate the Champions League final, as the achievement of the Barcelona men’s team could not be given.

Spanish women’s football is one that experienced significant development. La Liga clubs also took part in the competition that was held. In addition to Barcelona, Atletico Madrid and Valencia became one of the strongest in defending his women’s football.

Interestingly here, when the women’s team from Real Sociedad soccer came out as Copa de la Reina champions by beating strong teams like Barcelona and Atletico Madrid.

“There is a women’s team from Madrid, but that has nothing to do with Real Madrid. I think it would be great for football if there is Real Madrid. This will be a great addition to competition in the El Clasico event,” taunted by Jordi Mestre for EL Real.

“There are already many Spanish La Liga teams that have women’s soccer teams. El Clasico will definitely make the attraction even more exciting. I think that could be a great attraction for women’s soccer. However, each club has a different policy,”

“If Madrid don’t have a women’s team yet, then they think it’s still not important. At the level of sports, there are clubs that have worked hard on women’s teams such as Athletic Bilbao, Real Sociedad, Atletico Madrid,” closed Jordi Mestre.

In the women’s Champions League final, Barcelona will compete with France’s Lyon representative. The schedule itself will be held on Saturday, May 18 2019 local time. The president’s hopes were great that their women’s soccer team could lift the European ear’s big trophy.

“Obviously this is a history for the club. Even just reaching the final, whether it’s a champion or not, this is a huge success for a team that has just become a professional recently,”

“We fought the team in the final with a much bigger, very large budget quality. This will be a difficult match. Not only because of finance, but also Lyon have had more experience playing in Europe, “said Jordi Mestre.

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