Barcelona’s worst transfer deals of this season

Barcelona so far is still relatively safe because they have the chance to win many titles this season. The situation explains that Barcelona are now at the top of La Liga, penetrating the Copa Del Rey final and have the chance to win the Champions League title.

Can be said that Ernesto Valverde with Barcelona faced in the situation of the treble winners. Their success remains basically where the quality of Barcelona players is able to maintain consistency as a champion mental team.

The names of experienced players like Lionel Messi, Gerard Pique, Sergio Bisquets, Jordi Alba and several other core players are able to show their quality as a star player. They look so focused on pursuing their targets this season.

Apart from a series of consistent players’ names, there are some players who are far from expectations. Performance that is considered not suitable in the game is forced to be in reserve.

Next, our soccer news team reports on a number of new Barcelona players who have appeared disappointing in this season:


Nine months ago, Malcom was in Barcelona, his contribution and career was considered very bad. Until now, the player seems to have difficulty getting a place in the Barcelona core squad. The note explained that Malcom had only played 15 appearances in all competitions.

Only six times he played as a core player, the rest Malcom emerged as a substitute for all in the Spanish La Liga stage. When referring to his future at Barca, there is a high probability that he will have to look for a new club as Barcelona does not want to retain players who only consume large salaries.

If referring to the process of recruiting Malcom, then Barcelona is very yeast as they struggle so hard to get the player, to the extent that they bend AS Roma to be able to land it at Camp Nou.

Philippe Coutinho

Philippe Coutinho is a player who is so often mentioned that he will land in Barcelona in the summer of 2018. Playing for Liverpool, Coutinho successfully attracted the attention of many European and Barcelona elite clubs, including the most insistent.

Precisely in January 2018, Coutinho really belongs to Barcelona. With the transfer of super luxury, the figure of Coutinho is considered a failed transfer as it did not have a positive impact on the team’s game.

Statistics say that Coutinho lost to young players like Ousmane Dembele so that they are now on the bench more often. Coutinho’s current record is to have scored eight goals and made five assists from 39 matches in all competitions.

Now the name Coutinho is ahead of the issue of leaving Camp Nou. It is not impossible if Coutinho will actually be sold in the upcoming 2019 summer transfer market as there are still many enthusiasts out there, including Manchester United and Paris Saint Germain, which are claimed to be ready to accommodate the agile midfielder from Brazil.

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