Bayern Munich prepare a huge budget for Antoine Griezmann

Winner of German Bundesliga, Bayern Munich are clearly preparing a big step to be able to bring in their target players. Mentioned that they are ready to transfer a super-large funds to be able to hijack Antoine Griezmann from Atletico Madrid in the transfer market next summer.

Griezmann is actually a player who invited a lot of interest from European elite clubs, especially from the figures of Real Madrid and Barcelona. Of the two big and richest club names, Griezmann claimed more interested in playing with Lionel Messi cs.

Hearing the issue, the Barcelona players simultaneously invited Griezmann to immediately dock at the Camp Nou. Including Messi who gave flattery to Griezmann’s game. Regardless of the invitation, Griezmann surprisingly continued to show loyalty to Atletico Madrid by signing a new 2023 contract.

Despite signing a new contract, Griezmann’s figure cannot be stopped in Barcelona’s plans. And recently the figure of Bayern Munich appeared ready to tease Griezmann. In the plan, Munich is claimed to be willing to redeem the selling clause of the 28-year-old player.

If you deal with the Griezmann selling clause, it will be in the range of 200 million pounds. But reports from Spain say the nominal will drop to 129 million pounds as of July 2019. The step confirms that Munich is ready to overhaul its squad as they are currently filled by many 30-year-old players.

This plan has actually been running from now, the article about Munchen has confirmed the arrival of Lucas Hernandez who was only 19-year-old. Playing as a left back, Lucas was brought in from Atletico Madrid with a transfer amount of 80 million euros and a contract duration of five seasons ahead. If you look at the situation and conditions of Munich now, then they are still in the chance to win the Bundesliga title this season.

In the meantime, Munich are the top of the standings with a one point advantage from Dortmund, who always lurked them from second place.

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