Bayern President Mentioned Ozil No Longer Worth Defending The Banner of Germany

Bayern Munic’s President, Uli Hoeness, welcomes Arsenal midfielder Mesut Ozil’s decision to retire from Germany’s National Team. According to him, 28-year-old player is actually no longer worth defending the banner of Der Panzer and played poorly over the last few years.

As is known, Mesut Ozil has been in the spotlight in recent years. In fact, the Arsenal player was a scapegoat and blamed for the failure of the German national team in the 2018 World Cup yesterday. The 29-year-old figure was deemed unfit to defend Panji Panzer Team.

The problem is not only because of performance, but also because of the controversial photo with the President of Turkey, Edorgan. Indeed, Ozil has Turkish blood, and some people find it reasonable to pose with the number one person in Turkey. But for most Germans, this is not appropriate.

Since the photos were circulated, Ozil was the target of criticism by some, even after the 2018 World Cup ended, he is still the target of criticism. Feeling not strong with the pressure and criticism that existed, the player then decided to end his career at the International Stage with Panzer Team.

In connection with the decision, many Germans are happy to welcome, including the President of Bayern Munich, Uli Hoenes. According to him, Ozil did look bad with the German national team, even since the 2014 World Cup then, therefore Ozil judged not worth defending Der Panzer.

“Every time [Munich] plays against Arsenal, we play around because we know that it’s the weakness. His 35 million followers, who are not real, think he’s playing well every time he does a cross, “he added.

“Its development in our country is catastrophic. And from a sporting point of view, Ozil has no place in the national team for many years, “he concluded.

Criticism quite often comes to Ozil throughout the year. In addition comes from fans of the German national team, spicy comments are also often thrown out after he defended Arsenal in the Premier League.

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