Be accused of being materialistic, Fabiola reveals Reza SMASH’s bad traits

After officially parting ways with Reza SMASH, Fabiola was accused of being wronged by her own in-laws. Feeling unacceptable, the person concerned then tried to uncover the truth, and how exactly the bad character of Reza.

As is known, over the past few days the public has indeed been in a stir with Reza SMASH’s divorce from Fabiola. This was revealed when Fabiola himself announced it through social media.

Regarding the divorce, the mother of Reza SMASH spoke up, saying she was worried about the fate of her grandchildren at the hands of Fabiola. Regarding these comments, Fabiola admitted she was even more worried if the child was taken care of by the father.

Not without reason, according to her, Reza is not a good father figure, because his character is also bad as a husband.

“Worried that the child is being held by his own mother, I am more worried about being held by Reza, who is a drunkard, naughty…,” wrote Fabiola on his Instagram Story.

Not only that, Fabiola was also accused of being a materialistic by his mother-in-law for asking for money with Reza, even though he was divorced. But again, Fabiola did not accept her and then tried to provide clarification.

“Fab, we are splitting up, don’t separate me from Killian, okay? Yeah, yeah, I’m fine. I have no intention of separating you from Killian. But I’m asking you to help send money to kill. I also ask you not to be barbaric. Separation does not mean having to go back to your old bad habits

“Yes, I promise I will change, so I need time to do self-introspection, I want to improve my life, then after that, we will think again in the future,” said Reza SMASH, written by Fabiola in her Instagram Story.

After promising and determined to turn into a better man, Fabiola discovered the fact that Reza took another woman a few days later.

“Then, jreng jreeeng, 3 days later, this guy brought home a girl, I clap for you, babe,” said Fabiola.

Till today, only Fabiola has spoken of the divorce, there has been no official statement from Reza SMASH.

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