Beautiful and sexy, Manda Cello admits she was often cheated on

Having a sexy body and beautiful face like Manda Cello should make it easy for her to hook a man’s heart. But on the contrary, she admits was cheated on by men several times.

This painful experience was told directly by the model, when she was a guest star on Moammar Eka’s YouTube Channel.

There, she told how she had caught her own boyfriend spending the night at a hotel with another woman. She also caught her boyfriend at a nightclub with another woman.

What is ironic is that Manda Cello admits that she is hurt, because her boyfriend prefers her new lover instead of the one he has known for two years.

“I have been cheated on. I ever caught them stayover at a hotel, a ***** not that, fight. Then I was left suddenly to go to a club with another girl, he said he was sleeping, then the worst part is he chose that girl rather than our 2 years of relationship, s *** men. ” said Manda in the video.

The series of events made Manda feel traumatized, as a result until now she has difficult time to trust every men who try to approach her.

“Anyway, until now I don’t really trust men,”

Not only that, she was also disappointed by a relationship that she had intended to be serious, but her partner was not. There are also those who are willing to get married, but don’t want to have children.

“My experience is why I don’t want to get married, because I’ve been hurt and disappointed quite often. I’m serious, uh, but we are not in the same boat, you know. In fact, we’re told we don’t have to get married, don’t have children, just keep us together.”

“For that one case. The rest of them are still hooked on playing and they get caught, “said Manda.

With this bitter experience, Manda is now very selective in choosing a new partner. She wants a partner who is really good to her, so she can have a happy household, like any other happy couple.

“I hope to have a good partner that can make me feel calm and peaceful,” said Manda.

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