Because of naked photos, Icardi’s wife ‘in war of words’ with Capello?

Wife of Inter Milan’s bomber Mauro Icardi, Wanda Nara seems to have never been able to avoid controversy. This latest news comes back which concerns her personally with the former England national coach, Real Madrid and Juventus, Fabio Capello.

Deeper explained that the two famous figures claimed are ‘comment fighting’. Through several well-known British media, Capello commented on Wanda Nara’s naked photo with Icardi. In Capello’s view, the attitude of the two sensational partners is not appropriate to conduct the photo session when in a situation of exile by Inter.

As is well known, Wanda and Icardi share a series of black and white photos with their Instagram followers. However, there is one photo that attracts a lot of attention when Wanda Nara puts a naked photo of herself with her husband.

The display of the photo shows Wanda who is on Icardi’s stomach. This moment quickly washed away more than 450,000 people and was lucky for the couple because more were giving praise comments than criticism.

“My former players have never done anything like that. On my team, he might not be able to enter the locker room, “Capello said.

Wanda became an important figure in Icardi’s career as he became the official agent of the player. So if the woman is beautiful and sexy doesn’t appear on social media, then she is known to be negotiating with the Inter regarding Icardi’s contract.

Hearing what was delivered by Capello, Wanda Nara immediately responded quickly. The Argentine woman looks upset because Icardi is not the first player to do a nude photo and is ready to provide evidence.

Wanda Nara expressly stated that a legendary player like David Beckham had once taken a nude photo while still part of the England national team led by Fabio Capello. Beckham was caught doing a nude photo session in the 2009 season.

“For Fabio Capello, as a coach, you get all respect, but not as commentators and columnists. I remind you of some of the top players who made it into your dressing room after doing something like this, “said Wanda sarcastically.

Icardi had a difficult time at Inter this season, where he was given a two-month ban on playing. Icardi lost the captain’s armband after being involved in a dispute over his contract which was claimed to require a salary increase.

Speculation is developing now, the 26-year-old striker is expected to leave next summer. Now the Inter side in claims are ready to reduce Icardi’s selling price by 52 million Pounds so that it can really happen quickly.

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