Become netizen’s hallucinatory GF, this is Aurelio Moeremans’ response

Beautiful artist Aurelio Moeremans became viral because of her ‘Halu’ video call some time ago on social media. In fact, the video makes many guys feel ‘baper’ and finally considers the 26-year-old woman as their hallucinatory boyfriend.

Aurelie Moeremans did make a scene for Netizens because of the Halu video call that he uploaded on social media some time ago. Who would have thought, the video became viral and received many responses from netizens.

The video was widely discussed, and even some male netizens also wrote ‘flirty’ comments. Not only that, some of them are baper to the point of calling Ello’s lover as their “Halu Girlfriend”.

Regarding this, interestingly the beautiful artist smiled. Aurelie also admitted that it was never a problem to be halu girlfriends by Netizens.

“Actually, from my own fans. They say ‘This is my girlfriend, halu girlfriend, ‘” Aurelie Moeremans answered Detikcom while laughing.

No doubt, some men who felt ‘baper’ with the ‘halu’ video call then sent a direct message to Aurelie. In this personal message, many guys send some seduction and naughty modes to the artist.

The funny thing is, there are several accounts that claim to dream of Aurelie Moeremans, because it is very ‘baper’ with the video.

“No (influence) just ordinary. But the funny thing is that some of my DM said, ‘I’m dreaming of you’. Maybe because they made a video call halu, maybe just keep watching my face. So there are really baper so, “she said.

Of course, these messages were not responded to by Aurelie, she only replied to a few messages that were deemed interesting.

“Not all (responded), too tired if all responded. If I happen to read and draw it, then I’ll reply,”Aurelie Moeremans added.

Unfortunately, the men who feel baper must get ready for heartache, due to the fact Aurelie Moeremans already has a lover.

His girlfriend is none other than the popular musician of the country, Ello. Both are known to have been dating since 2019. Reportedly, the two lovebirds will get married in the near future.

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